Par St Mary's Methodist Church 2014

Below is a poem written by one of our Church members, and Bright Hour poet Freda Burley.

In 1864 when Queen Victoria was on the throne,
The Methodists of Par built a chapel of their own.
They called it Par St Mary's and was needed some would say
Well, it proved the right decision its still standing firm today.

This Church stood like a beacon and its following was strong,
As it guided local people on the path of right from wrong.
Bricks alone don't make a church its true, it comes from the love within
And walls hold the sound of worship, praise prayers and hymns.

Its had to change with modern times, not pleasing some its true
But what it offers is with love and is there for me and you.
Coffee morning every week - a chance to meet and pray
To join with friends and share with friends the problems of the day.

The door is open twice a week for Drop Inn - to chat and care
The foodbank meets the needs of folk and a friendly face is there.
Parents and the little ones are welcome just to play
While fitness is a favoured class to start a busy day.

Bright Hour meets for friendship - that's what its all about
Each Thursday is a special day - of that there is no doubt
Sunday School meets tho' its small, to learn of love and truth.
And young church have their modern band with the energy of youth.

So as we come to celebrate and join in song today
Let's remember all who've gone before and worked along the way.
But most of all let's thank our God for bringing us this far
To have this Church and all it means - St Mary's here at Par!